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Your Birth Day Number
[Numerology birth date]

Your date of birth is very important when it comes to understanding who you are and especially where your talents lie. These talents help you along your Life Path. Along with the Life Path, Destiny, and Heart's Desire number your birth date is one of your core numbers.

Your birthday represents an additional supporting influence added to the Life Path. It helps define the more important and dominating traits of the Life Path even more precisely. You can find out all about your numerology characteristics with our numerology calculators and tests. Here are birthday numbers and their modifying traits.

Birth Day Numbers:

Birth Day 1

Number 1 suggests you are a leader with executive ability. You are ambitious and have the willpower to succeed. A birthday on the first day of the month gives you self-confidence and a creative approach to business and life in general. You are very creative and you possess a quick and agile mind. You tend to gravitate towards specific immediately-usable knowledge, rather than to general knowledge for its own sake. You have the ability to see the 'bigger picture' and your energy motivates others.

The number 1 energy can make you stubborn sometimes when you become too attached to your project or plan. You may tend to procrastinate at times. You can sometimes become angry and frustrated when things do not go your way as quickly as you would have liked. At times like these, remember to use your natural creativity and determination to push through these barriers to ultimate success.

Birth Day 2

A birthday on day 2 of the month gives you a degree of sensitivity, diplomacy and heightened intuition. Sometimes you are highly sensitive and the environment could easily influence you. At times, you have quite low self-confidence and sometimes become depressed more easily than others. You are warm-hearted and affectionate, and tend to seek out warmth and affection from the ones you love. You need harmonious and peaceful environments to function at your best.

You are cooperative and excel at working \'behind the scenes\' as part of a team or partnership. Your nature is kind and unassuming, and you to understand people's needs before they ask. You are quite social and easily make friends. You have enviable diplomatic skills. This, along with your insight will help you have a successful life.

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Birth Day 3

Number 3 is the number of an artist at heart and you may excel at writing, or in the performing or visual arts. Your imagination can make you restless at times, but you are funny and charming and naturally draw people to you. Your friendly social nature makes you a good salesperson. You are charismatic, affectionate and loving, but may sometimes be moody and go from extreme highs to lows very quickly.

Sometimes you tend to spread your energies too thinly so be careful to avoid superficial projects or matters. You like to create harmony in all facets of your life but keep your long-term goals in perspective.

Birth Day 4

You are a hard worker with a high degree of integrity. You have great attention to detail and take your responsibilities seriously. While you have compassion for others, you are proud and highly principled. The number 4 is reliable and may have difficulty showing their emotions at times. You are a practical and rational individual with no time for haste and get-rich quick schemes. You take the patient, thorough approach to everything you do.

Be aware, your occasional stubbornness and rigidity can make life difficult for you from time to time. Try to be more flexible in your approach to life as you are a natural manager and organizer. While work is important, do not forget to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Birth Day 5

Number 5 brings a love of adventure, change and travel. You may be a bit of a vagabond that needs to move around from place to place. There are times where you can not stay still for long as your craving for adventure takes you travelling again. You are very adaptable and work well in the promotional and public relations fields and possibly even writing. You are a natural communicator and may have trouble if chained to a desk. There are times when you may be irresponsible when bored and restless.

Sometimes you nature is addictive to sensory indulgences. Your quick, analytical mind may make you headstrong and too self-confident occasionally. But your creativity often sees you problem solving to achieve win win situations for everyone.

Birth Day 6

The number 6 is a nurturer and has a talent for mediating disputes. You possess openness and honesty that attracts people to you and you automatically understand how to create harmony. Your desire to help others can make you a good healer in alternative therapies or nutrition, or may be as a doctor.

You will go without to pay someone back rather than let them down. You are artistic and deeply appreciate beauty. There are times when you may need to feel appreciated and can be vulnerable to flattery. Sometimes criticism may hurt you deeply. You can learn not to take criticism so personally and to use is as a tool for a better understanding of yourself and the world you live in.

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Birth Day 7

As a number 7 you possess a well developed mind. You are spiritual and always investigating the nature of things. Your intuition is highly developed and you tend to follow your hunches with success. You are not one to trust emotions and are rational in the way you approach relationships. You do not take anything at face value and usually only take calculated risks. You prefer to work at your own pace and your interests may lie in the technical, metaphysical and scientific fields.

While you are deeply sensitive, you may have trouble sharing your feelings at times. You may be opinionated and stubborn on occasion, and you may prefer your own company. There are times when you tend to be something of a perfectionist. Beware you do not withdraw from the world around you.

Birth Day 8

A number 8 birth day gives you an original and creative approach to business and money. You are best to avoid close partnerships as you need freedom to exercise your judgement. Otherwise you may become too controlling in other areas of your life. You are a leader, a realist and a practical person with the ability to guide people to finally see your vision.

You have a strong character but there is a tendency to be domineering and arrogant on occasion. The number 8 finds it somewhat difficult to express feelings and tends to have little patience for weakness in anyone. You are able to plan large, complex projects using your gift for business. You may prefer to work for yourself as you like to be in control. Your judgement is sound when it comes to business situations and people. Through perseverance, you have the innate ability to be very successful in any leadership role you choose.

Birth Day 9

Born on the 9th day of the month, you are idealistic and broad-minded. You are sensitive to others' needs and feelings as you are very sympathetic and compassionate by nature. It is likely you are an artist of some sort. You have a need to contribute to humanity in a compassionate way for spiritual and personal fulfilment.

At times, you have a tendency to be dramatic but it comes from your ability to see the world with a broad view. You communicate easily with people from all walks of life, and have interests in metaphysics and philosophy. The number 9 energy seems to attract \'luck\' in the form of money from inheritances and winnings. There are times where you may need to avoid associating with negative influences. Do not hold on to situations because you feel that justice has not been done yet. Let the universe judge and remedy such situations while you show unconditional love.

Birth Day 10

The number 10 is independent and ambitious, with strong leadership skills, self-confidence and the will to succeed. Your test may be to overcome all the obstacles in your life with courage and stamina to reach the independence you need. You make an excellent manager with good planning and organizational skills. You often may find routine frustrating and tend to take calculated risks to avoid routine situations dominating your life. There are times when you can become depressed if you are bound to tightly to details.

While you have a stubborn streak sometimes, you are a loyal friend and have no trouble expressing your feelings. You can be very competitive and do not like to lose to friends or colleagues. If you use your creativity with determination, you can achieve your dreams of success.

Birth Day 11

You are idealistic and your intuition makes you a good counsellor or healer. You work well with people as you tend to use persuasion rather than force. You have the ability to read people before they reveal themselves to you. There are times when you are emotional and reactive, and it may take you time to recover from criticism. Because of your intuition and sensitivity, you lean towards philosophical pursuits.

You lead by example and like to help point people in the right direction rather than take up the day to day leadership roles. Once you have a dream to reach for you can be one minded and focused until you reach that goal. You tend to be a dreamer and ideas person, and may not be completely comfortable in the business world.

Birth Day 12

Your artistic talent is obvious in almost everything you do - at home, work, and in how you express yourself. You are usually the life of the party. You may be a talented writer or performer, and are also a natural salesperson. You are a person full of vitality and you tend to heal quicker than others.

It is important for you to prioritize well and not waste time on trivialities. For you to be successful stay committed and focused. Be careful of spreading your energy across too many areas. At times, you are moody, self-indulgent and can feel sorry for yourself. You are also affectionate and loving and at time can be subject to rapid emotional ups and downs.

Birth Day 13

Your heart is with your family and the community, and you are loyal to your traditions. You are practical and like things to be solid and grounded. While you are artistic, you express this in a concrete way through your love of nature. Your habit to insist on complete accuracy can be irritating to some. You also tend to overwork so take care of your well-being so you can continue to pursue your dreams.

Use your perseverance and determination to apply yourself to the tasks at hand and to your dreams. If you do not have this attitude, there are times when you find yourself changing careers and jobs, and wandering from one relationship to another. Have faith in yourself and your abilities, and make the most of what you have.

Birth Day 14

A number 14 person needs stimulation to feel alive as you love excitement, change and travel. You are talented, versatile, and gifted at working with words, and may be a writer or an editor. At times, you may be a social butterfly as long as there are not too many restrictions imposed. You tend to change jobs and relationships quickly.

You need to give careful consideration to your life changes. You are naturally lucky but sometimes you may be headstrong and too self-confident. While you appear calm on the outside, there can be much inner insecurity which leads to you to make rapid changes in your life. While you are practical, there are times when you are erratic. Sometimes you may need to force yourself to finish what you start. Balance is your key to success.

Birth Day 15

When your birthday falls on the 15th of the month, you have a gift for languages, creativity and the visual arts. You have strong attachments to your home, family and community but you can sometimes find being grounded difficult. You know what you want and you strive to achieve it.

You treat others as you wish to be treated, and criticism can affect you negatively at times. There are occasions where you may be stubborn, and you sometimes support others to the detriment of your own needs. While you are generous, you can make your own decisions without consulting others. Be careful your shoulder is not overused because of your understanding nature. Focus your determination to create success.

Birth Day 16

The number 16 signifies the spiritual and philosophical parts of life. You may often feel you do not belong here. You belong in the spiritual world but may need to find a way to ground yourself sometimes. Your nature may lead you to be a loner. You do well when you specialize in subjects that interest you.

You may need to watch the occasional tendency to become aloof and judgemental or you may find yourself alienated. You can also be a habitual dreamer. You have good intuition with a tendency to be psychic. You may prefer to work alone and there are times when you may have to work hard to maintain an interest in your projects. While you are blessed with a deep sensitivity, you can find it difficult to let others know how you feel.

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Birth Day 17

When you are born on the 17th you are independent, ambitious with an original, daring approach to business. Your judgement is sound and you have an ability to think outside of the square and to see the big picture. Be careful you do not become too controlling at times - delegate responsibility to others or you may risk becoming a dictator.

While you act with integrity, you are shrewd in business with the ability to handle large projects easily. You enjoy praise but may find it difficult to share affection. Your family and home are an important part of your life. Be careful of an occasional tendency to try and dominate everything in your life as you spread your ambitions far and wide.

Birth Day 18

Those born on day 18 are talented in politics, religion, law and art. You are an inspirational leader and manager, and understand people. While you may like to maintain an individual identity, you work well as member of a group. You may be an organizer, administrator and someone with executive abilities. You may take your time selecting your profession and there are many famous artists born under this number. You need to try different things before you settle on one to specialize in.

You are a natural humanitarian and want to improve the conditions for the people of the world and your local community. You are a broad-minded person, tolerant and generous. You can inspire those around. While you sometimes express your feelings dramatically, there may be occasions you bottle your feelings up. You find that the more you do for others, the more good energy and money you attract to yourself. You may often help others and rarely expect anything in return.

Birth Day 19

When you are born on the 19th day, you are determined to work hard and struggle for independence and complete self-sufficiency. The challenge for you, at times, may be to find a wider perspective on yourself and the world. Sometimes you tend to be self-centred and may take risks to succeed. While you are self-confident and have a strong will power, you can also very much need encouragement from others. You are a hard worker who is deeply committed to your work.

You are willing to make sacrifices for others and are highly emotional at times. When you are stubborn, it may be born of fear. You may need to understand you can never be totally independent and understand the necessity for interdependence in your life. Your determination and creativity are the keys to your success.

Birth Day 20

Those born on the 20th day of the month are impressionable and sensitive. You sense the feelings of those around you and the environment easily influences you. You love beauty and harmony in your world. You are very affectionate and need physical affection in return. There are times you do not like being on your own and prefer to spend time with friends and family. And you can be prone to depression at different times throughout your life.

You are good at making people feel good about themselves and your insight into the universe persuades people to see your point of view. Be quietly confident in your abilities and stand up for yourself whenever necessary. These are your keys to a fulfilling life.

Birth Day 21

With a birthday on the 21st, you crave success and are very creative. You tend to be social and get along with people well. You are highly imaginative. You have the ability to learn quickly when thrown into difficult or new situations. You are talented with words and many born on the 21st day of the month are writers, editors or artists. It is important for you to develop your talents to be happy.

Your personality is charismatic and people are naturally drawn to you. When you get nervous, you can sometimes get paranoid especially when you are under extreme pressure or your imagination is out of control. You have great imagination, but you tend to scatter your energies by becoming involved with too many superficial matters. You are very passionate and love deeply.

Birth Day 22

Being born on the 22nd gives you the natural ability of an organizer, leader or founder of a business or institution. There are times when you may be afraid of succeeding and reaching your goals though you have great strength of character. You may sometimes give up on your dreams because of the fear of failure.

You must be willing to take small steps towards reaching your goals. Make small, easy, practical steps at first until you gain confidence. Your gift is seeing how things should be and planning how to achieve your visions. Your intuition is good and you may need to learn to trust your first impressions. An extremely capable leader and organizer, you however prefer to look at the bigger picture rather than deal with the details. There may be times when you suffer from stress.

Birth Day 23

Change and excitement is part of your nature when born on the 23rd of the month. Life is to be lived and you can't wait to find your next adventure. You are adaptable and get along easily with people from all walks of life. You are funny, good at promotion with a talent for verbal and written skills.

Sometimes you get bored and restless if you stay still in one place for too long. You are versatile with an interest in health and well-being, and a medical or health career may be rewarding. If you are not careful, you may find yourself overindulging in food, alcohol or drugs on occasion. If you focus your energy and practice discipline, you will find success.

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Birth Day 24

Family oriented people are often born on the 24th day of the month. You have a gift for creating harmony and balance. You like to show your love though sometimes you can be melodramatic and may be too emotional. You are sympathetic to friends and family, and people often use your shoulder to cry on.

You may have a gift for healing, and the performing and cultural arts. Sometimes your sympathetic nature gets you into trouble in relationships. But you are a good mediator and tend to make peace wherever you go. Your patience and systematic approach in business will see you do well though you can sometimes be impractical. You are a loyal friend and sharing affection is important for you though at times you may overreact when criticized.

Birth Day 25

Number 25 people are rational thinkers with good intuition. You are analytical and enjoy researching and investigating subjects. You make a good teacher, and work well in the fields of psychology, science, philosophy, physics or other complex and difficult to understand subjects. You tend not to take things at face value. The challenge you may face is not to neglect your heart while you cultivate your mind.

You may become aloof, critical or cynical when you do not keep your life in balance. You may prefer to work alone at times. You can be sensitive and may find it hard to share your feelings. At times, you may need to work hard at developing relationships and learning to trust. Do not become so engrossed in the intellectual that you forget about love and compassion.

Birth Day 26

When you are born on the 26th of the month, you are money and business oriented. You have good judgement and can see the big picture of all situations. You are ambitious while remaining cooperative and adaptable. You have a rare combination of being good at taking care of both the big picture and the fine detail. Your efficiency makes you good at running large projects and organizations. Beware of a tendency to become callous in your outlook on life sometimes. Make sure you show your gratitude for everything you have in life.

You are practical and realistic, and are proud of all you achieve and possess. You enjoy the rewards your hard work brings but some people may see you as ostentatious. There are also times when you have a tendency to live in the past. You are ambitious while remaining cooperative and adaptable. You expect a lot from yourself, are philanthropic and take an active part in the community.

Birth Day 27

Inspirational leaders and managers are born on the 27th. Your interests lie in politics, religion, law and the arts. You have good insight into people and relate to people on all levels. People born on the 27th are usually very well educated as well as broad-minded, tolerant, generous and very cooperative. While you enjoy working with people, you may also enjoy your private space, at times, to meditate and explore your spirituality.

You are an excellent friend and give much without expecting much in return. Your true love is humanity and you have a great affinity for humanitarian pursuits. You are good at expressing yourself and, although you are broad-minded, your challenge may be to learn forgiveness.

Birth Day 28

Born on the 28th of the month you are likely to be a pioneer, are unconventional and independent. You are self-confident but need encouragement and can become easily frustrated if stuck in a routine. You are a risk taker and once you have started a project, you like to move on to the next one and may leave others to continue where you left off.

Once you commit to an idea, it is difficult for you to change your views. There are times where there may be a high level of egotism in you that makes compromise difficult. You can sometimes be emotional and demonstrative which may lead to pronounced ups and downs. You are a creative thinker and an excellent debater and speaker. Your inventiveness and determination are the keys to your success.

Birth Day 29

When you are born on the 29th you are one of our world's spiritual beings. You see and perceive things naturally, rather than use a lengthy deliberating process. You are highly intuitive and your whole life is surrounded by spirituality. You can feel a link to something more than this universe.

You are highly intuitive and enjoy spirituality. You are imaginative and creative, but can be somewhat uncomfortable in the business world. You are kind and compassionate and make a good healer or counsellor. You are influenced by your surroundings and may be easily hurt at times. You may at times lack self-confidence which may, on occasion, turn into excessive self doubt and negative thoughts. If life is frustrating you, have faith you can achieve your true potential.

Birth Day 30

Born on the 30th you are an artist at heart and born with natural talents. You can think quickly in any situation and you are enthusiastic about everything you do. You are charismatic, sociable and loving, and people naturally gravitate to your company. But there are times when you may be prone to quick mood swings. You express yourself well with words. You are a great story teller and people listen when you speak.

You are highly creative which is reflected in your entire life - the way you dress, your home and your career in one of the fields that values self-expression. Be careful not to waste your talents on socializing too much. Stay focused to achieve your long-term goals.

Birth Day 31

Born on the 31st you are practical with a commitment to your family and community. While you are artistic, you prefer to work in more tangible fields of expression. You are a hard worker but tend to be a workaholic, at times, if you are not careful. Those who work with you see you as reliable.Sometimes you can be stubborn and rigid in your ideas and may become stuck in tradition.

You can become frustrated if things take too long to come to fruition especially when you resist trying new ideas to be successful. There are times when you need to reach out, try new ideas and make the most of any opportunities you can. You like the company of a partner and could well marry early, as responsibility is necessary for your stability.

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