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Your Destiny Number
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Your Destiny number represents a life long goal, an orientation of your life. It reveals a target you are aiming for and a person you aim to be. The Destiny number shows the talents and attitudes you were born with as well as the development you will be working on during your life.

Every experience, no matter how great or small, has moulded you into your current state of being. The Destiny Number can represent your ultimate potential destiny and may be hard to live up to. The Life Path number represent who you are, while the Destiny Number is more about what you must eventually be - your purpose within your field of opportunities. You can find out all about your numerology characteristics with our numerology calculators and tests. Here are Destiny numbers and their modifying traits.

Destiny Numbers:

Destiny 1

A number 1 destiny shows you have good administrative and executive skills. You have the capability to become a great leader, salesperson and entrepreneur. You tend to be an innovator and succeed using new ideas and concepts. You often tend to initiate action but you may leave the details to others to handle. Number 1 signifies you may be a risk taker and pursue your goals relentlessly. Many politicians, religious leaders, self-made millionaires and artists have a number 1 destiny.

Your strength and perseverance are keys to your success as is your ability to succeed at pioneering new ideas. You have the courage of your convictions. You are self-reliant and confident. There is much scope to achieve your goals and for financial reward, especially if you are self-employed. You may not like supervision and prefer your autonomy with little supervision. Your strength, determination and perseverance will help you succeed in life.

Destiny 2

As a destiny number 2 you work well with people and make a good mediator, peace maker and peace keeper. Your highly developed intuition may give you a natural insight into people. You tend to be tactful with a natural ability to persuade people to open up to you. You make a good support person to those you care about. You have a great attention to detail. You make friends easily and almost everyone you meet enjoys your company.

In many ways, you can depend on others and work best as part of a team. You are modest and may not expect recognition for your accomplishments. There are times others may get credit for your ideas. This may not concern you because you believe in being part of the team. You are tactful, friendly, cooperative, and courteous and may become a facilitator. You can be a wonderful partner as you show deep concern and thoughtfulness, and want to meet your partner's emotional needs. On the negative side, you may sometimes be easily hurt and may be shy if the negative number 2 dominates your make-up. At times this may cause you to be a little uninterested in a project which may impede your ability to deal with the details.

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Destiny 3

When your destiny is number 3, you may be a talented writer, speaker and performer. Many producers, dancers, composers, lawyers, teachers and salespeople are a number 3. You are a good speaker and thinker, outgoing and imaginative. Your ability to express yourself inspires the people around you. You have a rich imagination but be careful to not scatter your talents across too many fields.

Your role in life is to inspire and motivate others, and to help friends and family feel better when they need it. You artistic talents may lean towards the technical and you are practical, down-to-earth with excellent organizational skills. You are always willing to work extra hours to help the team finish a project on time. On the negative side, the destiny number 3 may avoid commitment and responsibility. You may also tend to overspend on occasion. While you are highly creative with good imagination, you may run the risk of being over critical and cynical. If you allow these negative traits to dominate, you may suppress your creativity. There are times where you may need to learn how to focus and concentrate to find your path to success.

Destiny 4

You are an organizer and a pillar of your community and in anything you involve yourself in. Being a destiny number 4, you have a wonderful way with organizing, and are practical and down-to-earth with an innate sense of responsibility. You fulfill your obligations and your orderly, systematic approach may see you work long hours to complete projects successfully. On occasion, your obligations may leave you feeling restricted or negative. There may be times your strong opinions can be a little prejudiced.

Your patience and love of working with details may see you in a career as an engineer, architect, builder or crafts person. You love beauty and may also be involved in music, writing or teaching. You may also have a love of nature and express your artistic talents through floral art and landscape gardening. Look at the bigger picture for success, and try to avoid too much routine in your life.

Destiny 5

You are highly individual and versatile when you are born with a personal destiny number 5. You are a free spirit that loves adventure and change. You can master adaptability and are good at almost everything you try. You tend to present ideas well and have a natural approach with most people. If you are given the freedom, you have the capacity to excel in anything you decide to do. You tend to be popular, a natural salesperson, and work well with people. You are a quick thinker, clever and understand situations well.

Beware of a tendency to be erratic at times. Sometimes you become restless and impatient which may result in you moving from project to project. You tend to dislike routine and may steer clear of jobs where you have to maintain regular office hours. You may find yourself reacting strongly on occasion if you feel your freedom is restricted. Your success depends on your ability to maintain focus to bring your goals to fruition.

Destiny 6

Having a number 6 destiny gives you a sense of compassion, love, responsibility and balance. You are trustworthy and believe in honesty and justice. You may gravitate towards work that helps the sick, old, young or underprivileged people. You may have creative talents and be good in business, and you tend to use a methodical approach to reach your goals. Your natural ability to comfort and soothe people's hurts makes you a good teacher, healer, counsellor, or social worker. Sometimes you put others' needs before your own to help others.

At times, you may have a tendency to be too demanding of yourself and may look like interfering rather than helping in some situations. There may be occasions where your commitments and responsibilities may make if difficult to express your individuality. Sometimes you have a tendency to worry too much. The positive side of your destiny number is your appreciation and enjoyment of others. You are kind, generous, and sympathetic, and show your understanding. You make a fantastic parent nurturing your children and may be deeply involved with your home. You tend to approach all your relationships with openness and honesty.

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Destiny 7

The number 7 destiny gives you an appetite for the sciences, mysticism and philosophy. Your have a capacity for analysis, thought, and introspection along with good judgement. You may be in constant pursuit of the hidden answers to the subjects that interest you. Whether that is scientific, technical, religious or the spiritual. Your persistence for the truth makes you an excellent philosopher, scientist or researcher as there is little that escapes you. You can be a good teacher or become interested in spirituality and religion. You have a good balance and perspective but tend to dislike socializing too much at times.

There are times when you tend to have limited trust and become introverted. This can make you a little self-cantered and introspective at times. And, sometimes, you can be a little intolerant and over critical. You tend to be a perfectionist in a positive way. You are rational and have a logical approach in most situations. You have the ability to look for hidden fundamentals in complex subjects. As you reach full maturity, you become a balanced, peaceful person.

Destiny 8

Your excellent organizational and administrative skills make you a good manager when your destiny number is 8. You have the power to achieve great success in business and all aspects of your life. You are competitive and like to win or succeed and be the best at whatever you do. You can plan, initiate and manage projects with supreme self-confidence. You have a talent to delegate responsibility well to others. Sometimes you may demand too much from those who work for you; with a tendency to expect things to be done your way. But you are quick to reward those who are hard-working and loyal.

If there is too much 8 energy in your make-up there are times where you may be stubborn and overambitious. Sometimes you may also show unreasonable impatience if projects do not progress as fast as they should. You may desire status and power, and can sometimes be materialistic which is not, necessarily, a bad thing if not taken to extremes. Many bankers, brokers, entrepreneurs, builders, art dealers, police and military officers are born under a destiny number 8.

Destiny 9

Born under the destiny number 9 you are a talented humanitarian. You are drawn to the sick and those who have suffered injustices. You have creativity, artistic talent and imagination and may become a good counselor or teacher. Your friends and colleagues come from all walks of life. You find people fascinating and enjoy the diversity people bring to your life.

While you may often focus on your own goals, you never lose interest in people. Your positive side is sympathetic, compassionate, broadminded and tolerant. Remember you have a broad range of talents, whether you use them all the time or not, that are useful at different times of your life. Your view of the world can be idealistic which may lead to disappointment, at times, in the world's lack of perfection. You are in tune with your feelings and those of others, and friendship and love is important. On the negative side, there are times when you may be selfish and may need to overcome aloofness and a lack of sensitivity. Try to be more spontaneous and let down the wall that may mask the real you.

Destiny 11

The destiny number 11 is the first master number, and relates to spirituality and idealism. You have an innate inner strength and you lead by example which may make you an excellent advisor, teacher, philosopher or an advisor. Many psychics and spiritual practitioners are born under the destiny number 11. You have the ability to succeed in any career you choose, but you may be happier working with your beliefs than with money. The number 11 is positive and idealistic with a good, analytical mind. You see the bigger picture and you plan for the long-term. You tend to be philanthropic when it comes to supporting music, art and beauty.

The negative side can be your constant nervous energy and sometimes you may be too temperamental. You need to beware of a tendency to dream too much sometimes rather than doing. You arrive at decisions using a mix of intuition, logic and emotion and you can rarely logically explain your decisions to more rational people. If you are balanced, you are very unique and impressive. Your gift of insight makes you want to share your knowledge regardless of whether people want to listen or not.

Destiny 22

The destiny number 22 represents the master builder. Number 22 may be a hard number to live up to as it signifies great accomplishments. You have the ability to master anything you choose to do in your life and you may do well when you take on large projects. You tend to have unorthodox solutions to problems and your perception is often excellent. You dream of creating something people will remember for years. You want to change history and you are a strong leader.

On the positive side, the number 22 makes you practical and idealistic with the skills to work on developments to benefit humanity. You are practical in a non-materialistic way. You are charismatic and your strength has the capacity to attract others to follow you. It may not be until you are older that you start to commit to your goals and you have the ability to do humanity a great service. You do not back down and use persistence to move your goals forward. On the negative, you may tend to be overbearing and domineering at times. Some people may interpret your unconventional ways as eccentric.

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