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Numerology Life Path Number
[Thoroughly Explained]

At the moment of your birth your known universe changed and you stepped into a completely new reality. The most important number in your numerology chart is based on the most important date in your life - the date of your birth.

In the moment of your birth, all that you can be in life existed only as a potential. It is up to you to fulfill, to whatever extent you wish, the potential life that exists in you and that was given to you in that moment.

You can find out all about your numerology characteristics with our numerology calculators and tests.Your Life Path number is the single most important information available in your numerology Personality Chart and gives you an overall outline of the challenges, lessons and opportunities you will face in your lifetime. Your Life path is the road you are travelling.

Life Path Numbers:

Life Path 1

As a Life Path 1, you have a desire for independence and personal achievement. You tend to be a leader, and work with drive and determination. You are not someone who follows others easily. Sometimes when the person is not fully developed and expressing the negative side of this number, the person can struggle with the challenge to become more self-sufficient. Sometimes this can be a life long challenge. Many political, religious and business leaders have a Life Path 1.

You can have creative inspiration, and be a little unusual and unique in your approach to life and business. You have the drive and the physical and inner strength to succeed. You take on the role of provider and protector to those you love. At times you may become impatient with your own and the shortcomings of those around you. Sometimes you may need to be careful of becoming domineering if things do not work out the way you expect.

You have the drive to accomplish much and your strength comes from your determination to succeed as a leader. You are very original and may be an innovator of some sort. You can take charge of any situation and you usually follow your intuition. You are good at hiding your tendency to be selfish at times, and you may like to have your own way in most situations.

There are times when you may seem dependent rather than independent which may show you are dissatisfied with things in your life. Try not to allow a tendency to be overconfident to rule your life at times. Playing sport can be a good outlet for any extra energy you have. Remember to show gratitude for the talents you possess, and avoid a tendency for conceit and pride at times. You have the ability to achieve much in your life as long as you focus on your goals creatively and with discipline.

Life Path 2

You are a peacemaker and an artist. You are perceptive and sensitive and, at times, can be shy. You are also very well balanced and have a great capacity for fairness. You employ tact and diplomacy well as you may sense intuitively how people feel. You enjoy working with people. You have the ability to see all points of view and create harmony among diverse people using unbiased logic. Honesty and openness are traits that help you excel when working with groups of people. You are good at compromising and are not usually a dominant personality within your group.

At times, you can be habitual and enjoy the comfort of routine. You may prefer to live in a harmonious environment and have a flair for creating balance. You may have talents in the fields of alternative healing, physical therapy and counseling. You may be too sensitive at times as criticism can easily hurt you. There are times when you need to employ your inner strength to stand up for yourself and your accomplishments.

You make a wonderful partner and your sensitivity makes you perceptive to your partner's feelings and needs. The biggest challenge you may face is you can be too laid back and pessimistic at times. When you find where you belong in life, you can employ your talents to become successful.

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Life Path 3

The Life Path 3 is talented and social. Artists, musicians, landscape and interior designers, writers and actors are often born under this number. You are bright and bubbly and may enjoy being in the spotlight. From your early years, you may already feel your talent as an artist. Your gift for self expression makes you socially popular and you enjoy being the centre of attention. But, beware that you do not waste your talents on social pursuits too often.

Your gifts can bring you much success in life if you can maintain your focus and discipline. You are generous, warm, friendly and interesting. And you are popular at social gatherings and naturally put people at ease in your presence.

Your tendency to be disorganized and lack of concern for money may make you poor at handling money at times. There may be times where you tend to be frivolous and may spend your time on things that are superficial. Other times you may retreat from the world for no obvious reason. Try to avoid a tendency to be critical, impatient and to be too optimistic at times. You live your life to the fullest and bounce back easily from setbacks. You have the ability to solve problems, as you are a realist and take problems in your stride. Sometimes you may have little concern for the future. You may often be inspiring to others and you have the capacity for success if you focus your abilities.

Life Path 4

As a Life Path 4, you are trustworthy, earthy, organized and systemic, and have strong opinions about right and wrong. You are rational and logical when solving problems and do not give up easily when you make a commitment. You are tenacious, practical and dependable. Your sheer willpower may make some think you are stubborn at times. Your challenge may be learning to carry out orders at times. You tend to prefer to work hard to achieve success rather than get involved in schemes that promise instant success.

You hold justice and honesty sacred and you may work to help better the world in a pragmatic way. Be careful of a tendency to judge others too quickly at times and have flexibility in your ideas. Remember, not everyone may have the stamina and discipline you have at times. You make a good manager who often knows instinctively how to get the job done.

You are good with money and enjoy the knowledge of having money invested for the future. Sometimes you may miss opportunities if you are too cautious. You are well suited to marriage and make a wonderful parent. But if something like divorce occurs, it can shatter your sense of order for a while.You view life with a common-sense attitude and are practical. You are loyal and devoted. You may have few friends but these friendships last a lifetime. You have the ability to survive the toughest situations with courage. You are a hard worker who believes in patience, determination and traditional values to help you reach their goals.

Life Path 5

You are open minded and versatile, and love traveling and meeting new people. Life Path number 5 people are curious and long for freedom and tend to be happy-go-lucky. You attract people from all walks of life who find your nature inspiring and motivating. You are someone who searches for answers to life's questions. There may be times when you become irresponsible in looking after your business and home. Sometimes you may be so focused on adventure and how you feel that you may risk becoming self-indulgent and insensitive to other's feelings. At times, you may have trouble finishing tasks on time, and may find daily routine restrictive. While you have many skills you may find there are times when you lack direction and may sometimes be confused about your goals.

You may work in sales, promotions, publicity or anywhere else you can use your communication skills. Your need for freedom may cause you problems at times and can result in a tendency to overindulgence in sensory experiences. You tend to live in the moment and need to express yourself freely. You may find it difficult to commit to single relationships but, if you do, you are loyal and true.

Focus and discipline are your keys to success, along with perseverance and discipline to achieve your goals. You analyze situations quickly then move on to the next new project. Self-employment may be an attractive option for you but the challenge may be to concentrate on one area to attain success. Once you do settle into your niche, you will find friends and associates talk about your great abilities which can help you on the road to success.

Life Path 6

The Life Path 6 is compassionate, idealistic and needs to feel useful to be happy. You are a healer and like to help others. People often use your shoulder for support and you do tend to like to give advice. You do need to find a balance between interfering and helpfulness at times.

You pursue the skills to give you greater insight into helping others and may be a counsellor rather than just a sympathetic ear. You enjoy responsibility and tend to lead by example rather than intention. You are generous, sympathetic and kind, and you have no problem making personal sacrifices to help others. You like marriage and make a good parent with your natural warmth, protection and understanding. Sometimes the attention you receive surprises you. You have a desire for sweets and while you are graceful, you may have to work hard to stay in shape.

You have true natural wisdom from an early age with the ability to communicate well across all age groups. You are a realist about life and dedicated to your home, family and friends. Avoid thinking you can save the world at times or you may overburden yourself with worry. And there are times when you may tend to exaggerate and be self-righteous. You are creative but this may remain suppressed because you may sacrifice or not fully appreciate your natural gifts. If you do develop these talents there is a good chance you can be successful as an artist of some sort. You are charming and have a good business instinct which attracts the people who can support you through life.

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Life Path 7

Being a Life Path 7, you seek the truth and are very spiritual. You are affectionate, enjoy peace, and have a thirst for knowledge. You may spend much time researching the subjects that interest you. No matter whether it is scientific, philosophical or intellectual you like to reach you own conclusions. You may like to spend time on your own in contemplation of your inner thoughts and life. You tend to be a perfectionist and complete your projects thoroughly. Your intuition helps you to analyze situations quickly and accurately. At times, you tend to rely on your intuition and experiences rather than advice from others.

You may find it difficult to maintain close relationships and find it easy to recognize deceptive people. You have your own ideas and, once you make a friend, it is a friendship for life. Sometimes you may not be very social and people may interpret your reserve for being aloof. Aloofness is not in your nature at all and its appearance can merely be a cover up for insecurity at times.

You may become negative, pessimistic, quarrelsome and secretive sometimes. You can develop a negative attitude at times if you do not live your life fully, and may tend to show a lack of consideration. At times, you may be selfish and carry a chip on your shoulder if you are not careful. The negative 7 is not the norm, but you may be moody from time to time and can find it difficult to stabilize your emotions. You have potential for success and growth in your life, and emit wisdom and maturity.

Life Path 8

You are a gifted leader and can become very wealthy. Your primary focus is on the material world and you can be forceful, competitive and independent. You tend not to be a dreamer. You rather deal with life practically and with confidence. Your intuition may give you a natural insight in to what can make any business work. The Life Path 8 attracts financial rewards. You are ambitious and use your organizational skills to reach your goals. You know how to manage your work and environment, and have great courage and belief in yourself.

You may be stubborn and intolerant at times with a tendency to become dictatorial. Try to avoid a tendency to live beyond your means and becoming too rigid in you ideas. These traits may have their foundations in your childhood and can result in loneliness and frustration. There are times when you may hurt those closest to you, so try not to ignore the opinions and needs of those you love.

You may need to take financial failure in your stride as there are times where you may risk everything. You have the ability to rebuild your finances many times over. Your career path may be in finance, business, real estate, politics, publishing, or social work. You may also have a talent for seeing the truth about people. You can manage your life, and take a practical, steady approach to your goals.

Life Path 9

The Life Path 9 signifies idealism, compassion and a humanitarian or philanthropic outlook on the world. You are unlikely to be prejudiced and find satisfaction in giving to others. You are someone who looks at the big picture rather than at the details. One of your gifts is you see and accept people for what they can achieve for the greater good. You have a wonderful imagination and may work in interior design, as a photographer or in landscaping. On the other hand, your humanitarian side may lead you into law, politics, teaching or environmental concerns.

You may be disappointed at the lack of perfection in the world which may drive you to work continually towards greater things. You have a need to make sacrifices and there are times when you may need to learn to let go of the material world and relationships. You may have the unique knack for money to come to you when you most need it, maybe through an inheritance or win. This may be because you do not focus on your material needs that the universe takes care of them for you. You are good at examining yourself objectively and facing your shortcomings which helps you achieve a better balance in life. Your interest in people can make you quite social and you are sympathetic, broad-minded, tolerant and have empathy towards underprivileged people.

You make friends easily and understand people intuitively. There may be times where you struggle with the reality that unconditional giving personally satisfies your soul in its purest form. This is due to the fact, that such people as you are rare in society indeed and, therefore, you see daily occurrences and encouragements everywhere you look. Your lesson as you walk through life can be that your long-term satisfaction comes, in large part, from your natural ability and opportunity to do humanitarian work.

Life Path 11

Born under the Life Path 11, you are spiritual with an understanding of the universe that others rarely understand. You may have a tendency to be extreme at times. You are intuitive, perceptive, cultured and an idealist. You may be an unusual, interesting person who has a lot to offer the world. You tend to be a humanitarian and may use your skills for counselling or guidance. You tend to think deeply and may have an interest in many of the mysteries in life. You have high expectations of yourself and of everyone else in your life. Because of this, you may inspire people with little conscious effort.

On the negative, you can be stressed at times and may become difficult for people to deal with. There are times where you may feel dissatisfied at the way your life progresses and this is likely to affect your moods. You need to watch the tendency to plan on a grand scale as it may be impractical at times and steer you off your path. There is a part of you that may lack commonsense sometimes so you may have difficulty seeing the difference between reality and fantasy.

You may be seen as a dreamer rather than someone who gets the job done. You tend to be an ideas person that inspires others into action. You are a wonderful, entertaining friend. Once you are happy, you begin to excel in all facets of your life. It is then you may begin to reap the rewards in return for the difficult times early in your life.

Life Path 22

The Life Path number 22 is the highest of the master numbers and is the most powerful life number of them all. It can also be the most difficult path to fulfil. If you have the right education, you have the ability to manifest your potential to be a master builder in society. While your nature is idealistic, it is usually grounded by your practicality.

You have the potential to become famous and very successful at anything you do throughout your life. This will take self-discipline and focus, but realise itself naturally. You have a high natural inclination towards spirituality which you usually apply in a practical way. You see there is a purpose to life, and see your obligations in a very conscious and determined way.

It is rare to find negative people born on this life path but if they are, they have a tendency to be dictatorial and overbearing at times. You find your challenge in sharing your visions with others and allowing them to make a contribution. Sometimes you may be controlling and need to overcome this with more flexibility. While you are romantic, sometimes you tend to be impersonal and more focused on your dreams. If your nature is out of balance, you may have times of extreme emotional ups and downs, and may become withdrawn and aloof. If you stay honest with yourself and recognize your weaknesses and strengths, you can achieve a high balance in your life.

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